SecretLab Titan 2020 Series Review – Best Gaming Chair

People who think every chair that you sit on while gaming becomes a gaming chair
haven’t had the best experience. Technically yes, it does become a gaming chair but
there’s a huge difference in a basic cushioned chair and a properly designed gaming
chair. An example of this is the Secretlab Titan – a pure gaming chair.
The adjustments of the chair are remarkable. Seat tilt can be locked in position or
you can have a free-rocking lifestyle. Height of the seat can be adjusted 4 inches up
or down. Its lumbar system is like the cars where you can contract or expand the part
of the seat touching your lower back according to your desired ease. The angle of the
back seat can simply be adjusted by a lever on the right side from 90 degrees to 180
degrees. To support your neck, it has a memory gel pillow with a faux-suede.
Another win in the adjustment department is with the armrests that can move in or
out from the centre, forward or backward 2 inches and even up and down. This isn’t
all, they can also move in 3 different angles; 60 degrees inward, 90 or 120 degrees
The Titan is made of PU Leather, and when it comes to padding the stiffness is truly
perfect preserving an alert position. Overall the chair is extremely comfortable as
well as durable, has a solid construction and is super adjustable. It may get a little
difficult while assembling it but once it is assembled it’s going to be totally worth it. A
plus point is that the Titan comes with a three-year warrantee but you can easily
extend it to five years just by posting a picture of it on social media. So, if you’re
looking to spend money on an upright solid chair, Titan is one of them.
Titan can easily be ordered from Secretlab directly for $399 but is also available on
amazon for the same price. Different colour schemes are also available and you can
pre-order special edition chairs. It’s 100% recommended and is the best gaming chair
of 2019.

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