Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Formal Shirts for Men Online

Mistakes to Consider While Purchasing Men’s Shirts Online

Buying shirts from a retailer has become a traditional way of buying. With the increase of online shopping portals, everyone’s trying to experiment shirts and other apparels online. You can find wide varieties in terms of designs, occasions, price range, colours, and brands.

When it comes to shirt designs, you can find more number of choices to choose, right from formal to party wear. Shirts that are available online are offered in wide range of colours, sizes, and fabric weaves at affordable pricing. With more number of options available in internet, there’s even more tendency to commit more repetitive mistakes. Listed here are the top four mistakes that you may make while purchasing men’s formal shirts through internet.

Selecting the Right Fit

The first and foremost thing that you need to look into when purchasing a shirt is the ‘fit’ factor. You might see the shirt sizes mentioned on the shirt label, but the exact fit varies from one brand to the other. With respect to this particular aspect, it is important for you to know the shirt’s technical specifications mentioned on the website or you can choose the one that is greater than 5. Another best option here is to use cutting edge technologies that help you in picking the right kind of shirt based on several inputs. You can get the right fit from several online stores. Get the right kind of shirt from Barbour Dept B, Ragazzi.

Examine the Collar Size

While the shirt sizes are mentioned on the label present inside the collar, it is important that you check the shirt sizes that fit well when you button the collar. While selecting the best size, it should fit your chest properly, and the size of the collar remains major challenge here for many reasons.

Colour Options

You can find countless hues online; it is important that you purchase the one that suits particular occasion. It is pretty important that you choose a colour that is very much ideal for an occasion. For official meet, you can select formal shirts that offer pleasant look, ideally the one on white base with pine stripes or classic stripes.

If you are going with casual shirts, then you can experiment with darker and solid shades.

Shipping Charges

Before you add your product to the shopping cart, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the online shopping portal. Many online shopping portals offer free shipping, while few may not. You need to check whether cash on delivery option is available or not.


You might face several issues while buying a shirt. You need to focus more on selecting a shirt that suits you with respect to right size and colour based on the occasion. Keep all the above things in mind and make sure that you don’t repeat these mistakes while purchasing.