6 Essential Tips for Buying Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Considering re-furnishing your bedroom or want to furnish your new bedroom? Getting the furniture designed and made-to-order can be a long and tiresome process. This can also restrict the amount of usage of space.

Picking up one piece at a time can also be too much of an effort as you will need to work with the same colour wood and style of furniture. This is when fitted bedroom furniture comes to your rescue. Fitted furniture is a perfect solution to using space effectively for storage to our ever growing accumulation of things.

Fitted furniture is great to turn any awkward corner, attic or eaves into a convenient storage area. This also works great for places that are too small for regular furniture. So, here are a few tips that will help you in picking the right fitted bedroom furniture:

  1. Research: Look up online for a good fitted furniture company. Visit home improvement stores and watch out in interior designing magazines for a company that offers fitted bedroom furniture in your area. You could also ask around as word of mouth happens to be the best way to get reliable information. Once you’ve collected a list of them, pick up the most reputed ones and request them for a catalogue.
  2. Check the Quality of Workmanship: Request the company to have a look at samples at their showroom that are made for homes (orders in progress) to be able to get a glimpse of what you can expect. Check the varnishing quality and ask about the kind of raw material they use. Do not forget to ask about maintenance.
  3. Make a Floor Plan: Get together a list of all that you need and all the spaces you would like to use for storage. Collect pictures of furniture styles that you like. Pinterest is an awesome source that can inspire you.
  4. Fix the Budget: Make sure you have your budget clearly outlined. All the add-ons and other features must be included in the budget. Working within the budget can be tough but with some careful planning, it can be achieved.
  5. Room Shape and Extra Spaces: The amount of space available for furnishing largely depends on the shape of the room and the positioning of the doors and windows. If you have a tiny bedroom, you can make use of the empty space above the bedroom for some interesting storage space. Below windows can also be used for making a seating arrangement cum storage space.
  6. The Style Quotient: There are a wide variety of styles available. Make sure the one you pick is what you would like to live with for a long time to come. There are classic and contemporary designs to choose from. You can pick a glass front finish to create an illusion of larger space.

Fitted furniture fulfils all your storage needs in the most ingenious ways and can add hugely to the over-all décor of your house. Check out http://www.hammonds-uk.com/bedrooms.aspx for some great fitted bedroom furniture options that won’t really pinch your pockets.

Author Bio

Richard Hammonds is an interior designer who specializes in designing small spaces, mobile houses, and vanity vans. Follow him on Twitter or leave your feedback in the comments section.